What are the similarities in most successful real estate agents? That’s a great question to be asking, especially when you’re about to buy or sell property. You’re search process can be streamlined by ensuring your agent checks the box on key characteristics that will make your real estate experience so much better.

Focused On Client Success

Of paramount importance is finding an agent that is laser focused on successful client outcomes. A Realtor® has a fiduciary responsibility to their client, which means they are to put your interests ahead of their own. That’s a high ethical standard, but the best agents will exemplify this ideology.

Identifying this can be challenging, but if your agent is a good listener then it’s a positive sign. See how they listen to the goals you have for your home sale or purchase. Watch as they process your input. Then see how they restate your goals as they understand them. You’l quickly see if they really get you and what you are trying to achieve.

Effective Communicator

Compatible communication style is a critical element in effective business relationships. You want to find an agent that can communicate in a pace, rhythm, and style that is the best fit for you and your home sale goals.

That can be defined in many ways, but your agent should be responsive to your preferred means of exchanging information. Whether that is email, voice, or text, your agent needs to listen to and understand your style and engage this way. It results in a better chemistry and will produce more successful outcomes.

Embrace Of Technology

Agents that embrace technology are more likely to have the tools to ensure a competitive experience for you. Whether seeking a home or a buyer, marketing real estate is at the cutting edge of technology.

An agent that has a digital signature that spans the full social media suite is a good first step to identifying this characteristic. Is their profile uniform across each platform? Is the message they send consistent with being a professional Realtor® or a part timer? Technology allows home buyers and sellers to shop agents like never before. If you can identify individuals with online integrity then its another green check in the box towards finding a good fit for you.

Branding is also a way to separate agents with access to superior marketing tools. At Coldwell Banker for example, we have a tool that can pinpoint to a handful of zip codes exactly where a buyer is likely to come from when selling your home. This utilization of big data tech allows agents to more efficiently market your property and will result in superior outcomes for you.

Technology can also be leveraged by home buyers when partnering with buyer agents. Finding properties that you like and want to see, can assist an agent in finding other similar properties. It helps close the loop between your tastes and the agents perception of your needs. There’s a lot more to the buying process than finding the house, but this is another example of technology making the experience more efficient when agents are responsive to your technology comfort level.

Focused On Exceptional Customer Service

Great real estate customer service gives you a warm secure feeling that your transaction is in competent hands and progressing towards achieving your goals. This winning characteristic bridges the tangible and intangible, but you just know instinctively when your agent is hitting the mark.

Effective communications includes responsiveness, sharing exactly the right information, keeping you informed of the stages in the process, offering the perfect amount of detail, preempting questions and concerns, being on-time to meetings and phone calls, and more.

Perhaps the most important aspect to customer service is an agent that actually does what they promise. Anything less than this is not going to impress you, nor will it likely result in successful outcomes. Agents that identify your expectations early through effective listening and feedback loops, then exceed your benchmarks for success are what you want to find.

Agents that routinely over deliver on customer service are tuned in to your needs.

Find a professional real estate agent that is focused on your success, is a great communicator, embraces technology, and delivers outstanding customer service. If you can find a Realtor that delivers on these key attributes then you will be working with a successful individual that will increase the probably of success for you.