If you’re planning on moving to Fairfax Virginia I’m excited to share eight (8) reasons why I think it’s a great place to live. Whether relocating to Fairfax Virginia for work or just planning a move to this dynamic area you will discover that this is the state’s most populous district, is richly diverse, and offers a wide range of fun and interesting neighborhoods to choose between.

My short list of great reasons to consider when moving to Fairfax Virginia is by no means exhaustive, there’s thousands of reasons to call Fairfax home. With so much to offer there’s a high probability that you will find whatever you are looking for to meet your needs.

1. Schools In Fairfax Virginia

Fairfax County has some of the best schools in the State of Virginia. In fact, Northern Virginia has some of the top schools districts in the United States.

The school system has been expertly developed over decades of investment and a culture of innovation. It is extremely well supported by homeowners as Fifty Three (53%) percent of property taxes go towards funding the school system.

Fairfax County Public Schools support 188,000 students and maintain an average student to teacher ration of 15:1 which is impressive. Schooling was a high priority for my family as we planned our most recent move to the Virginia Maryland Washington District area. In fact we currently have three teenagers enrolled in Fairfax County Public Schools and they are thriving. It’s competitive, but students have so many opportunities to take advantage of as they prepare for exciting careers ahead.

2. Employment In Fairfax Virginia

Unemployment in Fairfax Virginia is 1.9%, which is lower than the State of Virginia (2.5%) and the United States (3.6%) at time of writing. When relocating to Fairfax Virginia for work, spouse employment considerations are a high priority as the cost of living here is 53% higher than the United States average.

Many households depend on dual incomes when moving to Fairfax Virginia just to cover the very high cost of living. Thankfully, with unemployment currently at relatively low levels there are diverse options available to engage in fun and well paid vocations.

3. Economy In Fairfax Virginia

Fairfax Virginia has a strong economic base. With seven (7) Fortune 500 companies and several major Federal Government agencies headquartered in the county — the economy is diverse, service focused, and technologically based.

Income taxes are marginally higher in Fairfax County compared to the National average, but incomes are are substantially higher too. Job growth is also stronger in Fairfax Virgina than the National Average. It’s a great place to live and work.

4. Real Estate In Fairfax Virginia

The Fairfax Virginia Real Estate market has enjoyed 2–4% growth on average. This is stronger than the national average. Real Estate values in Fairfax Virginia also fluctuate less during economic downturns. This has been a strong area to invest in real estate.

Fairfax County offers a full range of Urban, Suburban, and Rural options when searching for real estate. Partner with with your local Fairfax real estate agent to find a neighborhood with the amenities you need to be comfortable when moving to Virginia.

5. Transportation In Fairfax Virginia

Moving to Fairfax Virgina can be a shock to your system when you first try to travel anywhere. The sheer volume and density of the population makes getting around challenging. If you don’t plan your time a slow commute can crush your spirit.

Once you become familiar with the flow of the traffic peaks and troughs, it becomes easier get where you need to be and actually arrive on time. It just takes planning and experience.

Thankfully there’s lots of great Fairfax County transportation systems in place to facilitate movement. The arterial road network funnels peak hour traffic fairly well into and out of the busy employment sectors, and take advantage of the bus network to maximize your commute productivity.

Metro rail offers more affordable options for getting around, and offers the convenience of leaving your vehicle in secure parking.

6. George Mason University

From the GMU Website:

A public, comprehensive, research university established by the Commonwealth of Virginia in the National Capital Region, we are an innovative and inclusive academic community committed to creating a more just, free, and prosperous world.

Mason’s Fairfax location, the original campus, is the principal center for undergraduate studies, with residence halls that house more than 6,000 of our 37,000-plus students.

The campus, on 677 wooded acres within 25 minutes of downtown Washington, D.C., offers academic programs in nine colleges and schools.

7. Trails In Fairfax Virginia

There are many trails and bike routes throughout Fairfax County that are suitable for all ages and abilities. Whether you are going for a spin around the neighborhood, biking to work or school, or enjoying your local park on two wheels, the Fairfax County Bike Map can help you find the best and most enjoyable route to your destination.

Click HERE for Free Bicycle Map.

8. People In Fairfax Virginia

Perhaps my number one reason for living in Fairfax Virginia are the wonderful people. It’s got big city energy, but the people will do anything for you.

Get the most out of your Fairfax Virginia experience and take the time to reach out to your neighbors and get to know them. Get to know your work mates and get involved in community activities. The best part of living anywhere are the real connections you create. Fairfax is second to none.

I can’t wait to see you here!