The MEGA Open House concept is an enhanced marketing experience that is yielding outstanding results by connecting more buyers with home sellers. The Fairfax Real Estate market is rapidly adopting the mega open house strategy, and your Fairfax Realtor® should be offering this as standard when they compete for your business.

This strategy was developed by Tom Ferry, and shared with me by my Coldwell Banker branch vice president.

The traditional real estate open house is old school passive marketing. A Fairfax real estate agent that simply shows up fifteen (15) minutes ahead of time and expects positive results, is not only misguided but out of touch with the demands of service-oriented technology-savvy consumers. This outdated approach is not competitive, but there is a much better way to market real estate.

Drive Traffic

The Mega Open House is an active marketing approach to selling real estate. More than just showing up, the active Fairfax real estate agent strategically executes their marketing plan to drive traffic. This strategic plan execution begins days before the actual open house event.

Record Promotional Teaser Video

Produce a super simple video using your phone camera. Stand in front of the house and have your face visible in frame. Shoot a sort one minute video that promotes the mega open house event. Important things to include are the features and benefits to the buyer of the subject property.

Come to our Mega Open House Event this Sunday at 5678 Independence St, in Your Home Town. This brick colonial style, 4 Bed, 3 Bath single family home is spacious, with over 2,500 sq. ft. Relax in the contemporary, recently renovated kitchen and master bath, with fresh paint throughout the home. Situated close to excellent public schools, convenient shopping, easy access to the City, this is a truly desirable location. Come to our mega open house from 1:00.

This video must be shared 2–3 days prior to the open house with your entire database. Share with your current book of prospective clients, all your friends, and your professional network: other real estate agents, brokers, or any industry professionals that come into contact with prospective buyers in the course of their business. Loan officers, appraisers, title company representatives, and others should be on your list of contacts. Now is not the time to be shy or selective in promoting your client’s listing.

Manage a campaign of social promotion leading up to the open house. Depending on the platform, several times a day is appropriate to target your connections.

Social Media Promotion

Sales promotion on social media has never been more accessible. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram and others have simplified advertising for all businesses and especially for a Fairfax real estate agent. Aim to run targeted advertisements in the days leading up to the mega open house event. It’s very cost effective.

Utilizing big data and artificial intelligence it’s possible to specifically target buyers that are actively shopping for homes online. In the same way that you instantly see advertisements appear on websites and apps specifically related to your recent search history. Online targeted advertising lets you target your property to people most likely to buy.

Coldwell Banker Buyer Locator gives any Fairfax real estate agent a distinct edge over the competition. It pinpoints very precisely where prospective buyers are going to move from to when purchasing a home in Fairfax. Using this and other tools, we know that buyers are moving to Fairfax Virginia from Alexandria, Arlington, Washington D.C., Montgomery County Maryland, and Los Angeles County California.

This precise targeting empowers your Fairfax real estate agent to prepare a targeted marketing campaign. Improved efficiency and better outcomes are the outcome for anyone selling real estate.

Invite The Neighbors

Inviting the neighbors is critical to success. This step separates your committed Fairfax real estate agent from one that is just interested.

While it’s technologically possible to obtain contact phone numbers, email addresses, and residential addresses of your target audience, it is highly recommended that you walk the streets and personally knock on the doors. If your open house is on a Sunday, then Saturday is a good time to connect as more people will be home from work on the weekend. You could reasonably expect about 20% of doors to open. Compare that with cold calling response success and you can see that this is a great way to engage.

Plus, everyone you meet gets to see you. You are the local Fairfax real estate agent that is working the neighborhood, actively marketing your neighbors open house. If they don’t already have a Fairfax real estate agent, you just jumped to the top of the pile.

Produce an OPEN HOUSE flyer that prominently displays the price in large bold font. Include color images of the best features, and consider attaching your local MLS client synopsis for interested neighbors.

As your knock on the door, prepare to hand over the flyer. Ensure the bold faced price is clearly visible as you extend your arm when the door opens. Instinctively they will reach out to take what you’re offering.

Hi, I’m Hunter with Coldwell Banker. You’re neighbors are having an Open House tomorrow from 11:30 and we’re inviting all the neighbors for an exclusive sneak peek. We’ll have free food and beverages and you’re most welcome to attend.

This first contact is an invitation and not a solicitation, so don’t get bogged down asking if they’ve had thoughts of selling. See where the conversation goes and be laser focused on neighbor intelligence. They might volunteer gold nuggets about their neighbors about to sell!

Budget about three hours per 100 homes. If you don’t connect personally with a neighbor, then simply leave the flyer visible and secured at their front door. Don’t leave it in the mail box.

Hosting The Mega Open House

Arrive at least an hour before you’re neighbor exclusive opening at 11:30. Ensure the house is clean and ready with lights on and window coverings open.

Print (NOT Sign-In) Registration

Position a small table at the entrance with a registry, clearly stating that guests are to print their name and contact particulars.

The primary goal of the open house is to secure a buyer for the property. It’s also an opportunity to connect with buyers that decide that this house is not for them. Neighbors also find motivation to sell their homes when they see it being done. You want to connect with them, and the registry is the list of prospects that you will use to follow up with attendees.

Welcome To My Open House Sign

This goofy looking sign instantly catches the attention of all mega open house attendees. Laugh with your guests as they come inside, and see how this takes the pressure of the situation way down. You want people to be as relaxed as possible when you interact, and this is a perfect ice breaker.

Welcome, come inside. Please register and explore the home. If you have any questions at all, I’ll be right here.

How Many Directional Open House Signs Do You Own?

Traditional directional signs are still an important part of the mix. If you can put out twenty (20) or more they will only attract a larger audience for your event. They’ll capture the attention of curious passers by, as well as taking the guess work out of navigation for committed buyers that may be attending multiple open house presentations that day. Make it easy for buyers to find you.

FREE Food & Beverages!

This is a hook that will encourage curious neighbors to come and see the house, and another chance for you to create a positive impression.

You don’t have to offer a lot of food. At the latest open house I simply offered a very large plate of assorted cookies. They were a hit! However, the mini water bottles were even more in demand. Buyers travel from open house to open house over the course of a day and this can be exhausting. A drink of water can be exactly what they need to pause, refresh and keep going. If they get it from you, it’s a positive interaction.

You're Being Judged, Get Used To It

Not only are mega open house attendees looking at the subject property, they’re looking at the hosting Fairfax real estate agent. From the first contact, people are scrutinizing interactions with you. The social media engagement, the knock on the door, they way you speak and interact, the way you dress, how you serve them. Be prepared to be judged.

Don’t be intimidated. This happens with every client engagement. The difference here is that you have the potential to interact with 20, 30, or 40 groups of potential clients in a short period of time. It’s a phenomenal opportunity to make a positive impression and connect with future business prospects. Be prepared.

As They Leave

The departing conversation is a critical engagement. You’ve successfully attracted them to the mega open house, they’ve walked through the property and are preparing to depart.

How long have you been looking? What sites have you been searching? Are you currently working with an agent? Would you like to write-up an offer?

It’s the perfect time to engage in easy conversational questions to gauge their interest and motivation for being there. Take note of their feedback and note it on the registry. With 20+ groups coming through it can be near impossible recalling all this feedback after the event.

After The Event

Follow up. That night, follow up by email, phone, text video or any way you can. Again, it’s an opportunity to demonstrate that you are the agent that is working for the client.

Follow up every other day with an offer for more information, requesting feedback for the home seller, an update on the status of the home. Any engagement will guide your direction from here. It’s possible that you will secure several buyer and seller clients from hosting a single mega open house.

This really has to become the standard open house experience going forward. It must be an active engagement for best results. Also, it’s just good business practice to engage with prospective clients the same way they shop — online. However, this is a process that is largely dependent on the sensory experience of walking into the home and seeing yourself living there. That’s where the real estate professional becomes the indispensable fulcrum to the transaction.

Your Fairfax real estate agent efficiently connects home buyer and home seller in an experience that benefits all parties.