How Does Your Fairfax Realtor® Begin The Day?

It’s a just after 4:30 a.m. at the start of my Fairfax Realtor® day. The early start creates space on my schedule, and the perfect quiet time to do whatever I want to do.

For me, it’s important that I hit this objective and start my day the best way I can. This is not a how-to guide or a recommendation on how you should be starting your day, it’s just a behind the scenes glimpse into how I like to prepare to be productive, successful, and serve the Fairfax community.

Getting Out Of Bed

It’s challenging for me remove myself from a comfortable warm bed and head to my basement, but I know that it sets me up for a winning day. If I fail to wake up and miss my quiet time and workout, I never really get ahead of my day. It really can be the best part of my day.

My goal is to have my feet out of bed and on the floor my 4:30 a.m. To do this I set my alarm for 4:21 then hit the snooze button. This helps me prepare mentally to wake up when the alarm goes off again at 4:30. Then it’s go time.

Positive Affirmation

Real estate can give you a lot of NO’s. Sales is all about asking for the business. The data tells us that to close a transaction and get to YES, we need to ask a lot of questions of a lot of people.

Working backwards, to close 1 transaction we need to make 4 appointments, which means speaking with 50 contacts, which means calling lots of people. This needs to be done consistently to always be feeding the pipeline to avoid dips in business throughout the year. Being busy with active clients is a poor excuse to fall behind on prospecting and will hurt your business.

Making all those calls which mostly go nowhere can hit your ego and shake your confidence. Sometimes it’s easier to handle busy work and pretend that you don’t have time to generate new business and deal with all that rejection.

I use my morning routine to refuel with positive affirmations, new ideas, and best practices. There’s no shortage of great material available for free on YouTube. My favorites are Tome Ferry for the real estate best practicesGrant Cardone for goal setting, and Jocko Willink for just Getting After It.


With the Podcast or Videos playing, I begin my workout. Working my body fires my synapses and prepares my mind to take on the day.

It’s a simple workout that I do and not very long, but they’re challenging exercises that really work my muscles to keep me in shape.

I begin with a dynamic workout of leg swings and lunges, then I loosen up my shoulders by swinging my arms around for a few minutes.

I do a handful of floor exercises, no more than four (4) per day, and I rotate them often to keep it interesting and always be challenging my muscle groups. Today I began with a 2 minute plank, then flutter kicks, push ups, and leg raises.

This is followed by pulls ups, dips, and inverted rows. I usually do at least two sets of each, but cut it short for this video…I promise.

Dead lifts are the last exercise, as they generally wipe me out. I prefer to lift lower weight and do more reps. It’s still enough to work the right muscle groups and maintain skeletal health.

Fired Up, Ready To Go!

That’s it. It’s simple, not easy. It takes all my discipline to make this happen but my days are exponentially more productive when I hit this mark that motivates me to make it happen.

Share your feedback and let me know how you launch your day! How do the people in your life begin their day, and how happy and productive are they?