Five Questions Your Fairfax Real Estate Agent Should Be Asking

Questions Your Fairfax Real Estate Agent Should Be Asking

Is your Fairfax Real Estate Agent asking you the right questions? If not, it’s a major red flag and could be time for you to find another agent.

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Which agent are you going to use? Your selection criteria could include just about anything you can imagine that is important to you.

Whatever your preferences, you definitely don’t have to use the first Fairfax Real Estate Agent that you make contact with. One of the best ways to determine how engaged your Realtor is in you, is by listening to the types of questions they ask.

Specifically, your Fairfax Real Estate Agent should be asking open-ended questions that allow you to express so many things about your preferences and lifestyle. This methodology is critical to the foundation of a successful service relationship.

What Do You Want To Achieve?

This open ended question that you should expect from your Fairfax Realtor allows you to express your GOALS. This frames the relationship.

Do you need to achieve a specific return on investment? Are you done spending money on your home and want to sell as-is? Is there a time constraint.

Whatever your goals, you should be given the freedom to express them on your terms. Without this opportunity, your Fairfax Realtor is operating without a clear map and directions and will produce results that differ from your expectations. You can avoid this dissatisfaction.

What Do You Love About Your House?

It’s a simple question. By asking this, your Fairfax Realtor is wanting to better understand the features that are most important to you.

Not only does this help to sell your home, but narrows the search for suitable properties in a buying scenario.

Your Fairfax Real Estate Agent will be asking this question if they are interested in providing the best possible service, specifically to meet your needs.

What Is Your Motivation For Moving?

Why are you moving? This short, simple question gives you the opportunity to explain the nuance of your personal situation. This is crucial for an engaged Fairfax Realtor when framing the negotiation, and can help to give you an advantage.

It helps with the timing, and pricing strategy that your Fairfax Realtor would implement. It also gives you another opportunity to allow your agent to better understand you, and this can only improve the effectiveness of communication and positive outcomes.

Where Do You Spend Time In Your Home?

Your Fairfax Real Estate Agent asks this open-ended question to better understand you and your lifestyle. Given the opportunity to express how you spend time in your home will provide invaluable insights to laser focus a property search specifically to meet you tastes and preferences.

You might not expect this simple, perhaps invasive question. Without this information your Fairfax Realtor is just guessing as to whether you enjoy outdoor entertaining, congregating in the kitchen, need a large living room, or prefer quiet spaces for work and reflection. It helps your agent present your home, and is critical to finding a new home that meets your lifestyle demands.

What Do You Do For Fun?

A switched-on Fairfax Realtor wants to understand the things that are important in your life for happiness. Location is key to real estate satisfaction and locating a property in close proximity to the amenities you prefer should be high on your agents priority list.

These questions are all very simple. But they’ll only be asked by a Fairfax Real Estate Agents that’s engaged in you, and the best possible outcomes to meet your needs.

Don’t settle, if your Fairfax Realtor fails to engage by asking the right questions then it’s a sign that they’re more focused on the transaction, and less on you. It’s time to find a new Fairfax Real Estate Agent.