Have you every had a Fairfax Realtor® knock on your door and offer you seemingly random information? They’re probably doing Circle Prospecting and they want you as their client.


Circle Prospecting is a marketing method that your Fairfax Realtor® uses to generate leads. Lead generation is the practice of connecting with potential clients to better understand their real estate needs and ultimately converting these into closed deals.

The lead generation categories of Geographic Farming and Open Houses can both include elements of Circle Prospecting.

It involves targeting a specific geographic niche of around 100 homes. These homes are generally contained in an approximate CIRCLE surrounding a home that is already listed FOR SALE.


Fairfax Realtor® invariably chooses to CIRCLE PROSPECT before and during an active OPEN HOUSE. This is a window of peak interest.

Not only does the OPEN HOUSE attract home buyers and offers on the listing, the surrounding homeowners are curious. When a neighboring house sells, it’s a strong indicator as to what their house might be worth.

Also, experience tells us that if one home is listed FOR SALE then several others will quickly come onto the market. Your energetic Realtor® wants to be well positioned by being visible, known, competent and ready to serve.


After selecting a manageable number of homes to target, your Fairfax Realtor® will walk the streets and knock on doors. It’s not complicated.

In the days before or on the actual day of an active OPEN HOUSE, an agent will attempt to connect with as many homeowners and renters as possible. They’re going to introduce themselves and engage in easy conversation. They’ll usually offer an item of value such as market trends, recent sales, and a heads up “by the way” there’s a house for sale around the corner.

They’ll also offer you some information on themselves, their brokerage, biography, and contact details. If you’re happy to meet your local Fairfax Realtor® then you might even invite them in to see your house and get an opinion on your home. It’s an opportunity to get a free consultation!


You’re Fairfax Realtor® wants to connect in a meaningful way, and that means taking away your contact information. By knowing your names, address, phone number, and a little about your plans -they can follow up with you in a targeted campaign to ensure a better probability of serving your real estate needs when you decide to take action.

An active agent that walks the streets is invested in your neighborhood. They’re putting themselves out there to be visible and allowing you to judge and interview them, and becoming familiar to you.

It takes front and confidence to undertake CIRCLE PROSPECTING but the rewards can be considerable. Why not choose an agent that you are connected to, that’s walked your streets? I would easily choose that Realtor® over the one that hides behind a computer mailing flyers that are never read.