Join me on a fairly typical day as I go about my life and business around Fairfax Virginia, as a Northern Virginia real estate agent.

The VLOG format is an extension of the more traditional YouTube videos that I’ve been producing for almost a year. Vlogging is a more natural way to connect with my audience, and hopefully on a more personalized level.

One of my goals when committing to produce a YouTube Channel was to allow people to get to know me, before I reach out to them by way of a Facebook Ad or a cold call. Video is amazing for screening out the clients that would be a poor fit for your communication style because they can see the real you before engaging. If they like what they see, and they’re looking move to Northern Virginia and buy real estate – there’s a good chance they will reach out. 

This is actually my experience. Clients from all over the United States have contacted me directly after seeing a few of my YouTube Videos. When we talk, it’s like they know me and can’t actually believe that they’re speaking with me on the phone. Only people that resonate with my personality make contact, and this means we normally go forward and complete a transaction. 

George Mason University

My 5K run loop around the perimeter of George Mason University is a modified course. Before school was back in session my preference was to run through campus, for at least a segment. Patriot loop is low on traffic and has a few good hills.

Out of respect for the school and the students I now only run around the perimeter due to the Covid-19 on-campus mask mandate. I just can’t wear a mask and run. It’s still a great place to be outdoors.

Northern Virginia Traffic

Moving to Northern Virginia from a smaller, lower density area can cause some shock because of the traffic. The volume of people that need to move around every day can cause a lot of congestion and stress.

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 Pandemic, traffic volume has dropped off – making movement much easier and less stressful. A recent study projects that with a shift towards more permanent remote learning, traffic volume will not increase to pre-covid levels for at least the next five (5) years.

Coldwell Banker - Fairfax

I stopped into my Coldwell Banker office in Fairfax, after a quick trip out to Sterling Virginia for a home showing. They offer a great deal of support, and I look forward to a long association.

Daily Wrap

After collecting my mail and chatting with Sasha, our new Managing Broker, I put gas in my F-150. Some might say that a Ford F-150 is not an ideal vehicle for a Realtor® in a busy metro area like greater Washington DC. I love the safety of a larger vehicle, in case of an impact. Plus, its super roomy interior lets me work in comfort on the road. It’s also useful for hauling real estate signs – I’ve literally got a truck load of them. It comes in very handy when a client needs moving assistance, and they appreciate every minute of that support. As we transition to electric vehicles this truck will become uneconomical at some point. Until then, I’ll make do with what I have.

I spent a couple of hours in my home office, always fun and games with a collection of my kids standing by to harass me. Another trip to the Post Office before close of business to mail prospecting letters and purchase supplies. Mailing hand written notes has become my number one source of business since Covid-19. Everyone is opening their mail!

From there it was all personal errands. Picked up my oldest son from his part-time job, then got some Chipotle to-go for the family on the way home. 

It was a productive day.

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